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Rogue Valley Dairy Goat Association

July Doe Show

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Our July show is a 2 ring doe show with separate sanctions for junior and senior does.     It is held the 3rd Sunday of July at the Jackson County Expo Center,  just one minute off of freeway I-5, exit 33 in Central Point, Oregon.    
This show is held during our fair,  but is not sponsored by the fair (no premiums),  they just allow us pen space and show ring space for the day of the show only.    Because of that we are unable to have breeders overnight at the fairgrounds, either Saturday or Sunday nights.
Having said that is has been a real good show with good support.  In 2006 we hosted a district 7 lamancha specialty,  in 2007 we hosted the alpine and nubian specialties.
We've had a nice raffle with good business support.   We also gladly accept your raffle donations if you would like to donate.
2008 Show Date:  July 20, 2008
Entry fees & cutoff for lowest price:
Late fees & date:
Pen fees:
Entries mailed to             

Show date for 2008 is July ____.
Judges are:
Fees are:
per ring-
pen fee-
herd fee-
Feed or hay is not generally available on the grounds.   We bed on sand that the fair provides, but you have to put it in your pen/s when you get there.  Pens are first come, first serve, please bring netting for very small kids or nigerian kids.
It can be a real hot fair,  though in 2007 it was mostly good weather.   Please be prepared for hot weather though.
Contact person for show entries is:
(for now you can just send an email from the home page and we'll put you on a list, we hope to have entry forms online at a later date).

Come show with us in Southern Oregon!