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Rogue Valley Dairy Goat Association

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Goat/Livestock related Links

As our club is licensed with the state of Oregon as an educational charitable organization,  we are not allowed to post a lot of information on businesses on this website,  but we are allowed to write a small note and provide a link.
Here are some local businesses that involve club members.

Olde World Cheese from Pholia Farm

Pholia Farm Creamery, LLC is located in Rogue River.  They have grade a cheese,  and offer cheesemaking classes.


Fir Meadow LLC makes and sells herbal products for livestock, pets, & people nationwide from Central Point. The owner is studying to become a Master Herbalist.


The Oregon Cheese Guild is a membership of artisan cheese producers in the state of Oregon.   You can contact them at PO Box 3606, Central Point, Oregon 97502

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