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Rogue Valley Dairy Goat Association
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Welcome to Southern Oregon and our club!


The RVDGA consists primarily of members from Jackson and Josephine counties.   Meetings  are January through May, and September through December where we gather to catch up with each other, have a snack (potluck style and sometimes with a theme), and do our preparations and decisions for several shows and events that we or members within the club either host or participate in.       This is a relaxed group.  If you are in the area and share our interest in dairy goats, we welcome you!  We welcome 4-H and FFA members as well,  this club is NOT limited to adults. We also welcome Siskiyou County, California members.  There is an email/mail option membership for those that live further away than driving distance from our meetings.  $7.50 a year is our membership fee. 
You will find several RVDGA members with past or current: Breedleaders (top ten milkers), Best in Show wins, and even Spotlight Sale kids.  Many members are on DHIR (milk test), many get Linear Appraised, and many show. Most of us are easily within 30 minutes of freeway I-5 for ease of meeting transportation, and our local airport also provides us with 2 airlines that we can ship kids on nationwide.   Could your next goat come from a RVDGA member?  Currently all breeds except for Sables are available from club members.

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Come show with us in Southern Oregon!