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Rogue Valley Dairy Goat Association

Meetings & Members

DHIR Training & VT
Meetings & Members
May Mega Bucks Show
July Doe Show
August Doe Show
Fall Fuzzy Doe Show
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Meetings Contact information for directions.  Meetings are the 3rd Sunday at 1pm, except for October 2007 and December to avoid holiday and convention conflicts.  Some are theme oriented and we have potluck finger food items at each one.
January meeting is in Eagle Point   826-3258
February meeting is in Central Point  855-2561
March meeting is in
April meeting is in Applegate 846-1168
May meeting is in Medford 734-4742
September meeting is in Applegate 846-7415
October meeting is in White City  826-3496
November meeting is in Central Point 664-2596
December meeting is in Eagle Point 830-1414


Member email and websites:     Most members live within 30 minutes of freeway I-5 for ground transports and our local airport allows us to ship kids with Alaska/Horizon Airlines and Skywest/Delta airlines with flights to nearly all of the US.
Lelia Berry:  ADGA Judge, Director Emeritus
Roc-N-"J": Lamanchas & Saanens
Pholia Farm: Nigerian Dwarf, Grade A dairy and Cheese Processor
Nancy Callen: all breeds,
DeJewels: Saanens, cow & goat ai,
Fir Meadow: Lamanchas, Toggenburgs, Experimentals, Boer, Goat & livestock herbals, goat ai , ,
Bjorn Everson: Saanens
Angelia Gregg: Saanens
Harris Lamanchas:  Lamanchas
Wil-O-Wood: Alpines
Genevieve Plante: Alpines 
Skookum's: Saanens, Nubians, Recorded Grades, Boer
R R Resources: Nubians, Recorded Grades, Boer 
Blueswadeshoes: Lamanchas, Oberhasli, Boer, Recorded Grades
Algedi:  Nigerian Dwarf
Trivia Sebib:

Come show with us in Southern Oregon!