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Rogue Valley Dairy Goat Association

Fall Fuzzy Doe Show

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Fall Fuzzy Doe Show
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We are currently (October 2007) discussing the possibility of hosting a show the last weekend of September 2008 or the first weekend on October 2008- it will be scheduled concurrently with the local Harvest Fair.  Date will be announced once we receive one..  This would be at the Jackson County Expo Center in Central Point, Oregon,  just one minute from I-5 exit 33.
Our club has voted to sponser a 2 ring separate jr and sr sanction doe show.  It looks like we will sanction all ADGA breeds except for Sable (we got zero feedback for sable entries during our polling in 2007).  For your does' and kids' safety please DO NOT clip them for this show- other than dairy clips (udder/tail area).  Our weather can be totally unpredictable that time of year and they will need their hair coat.
email with your input or questions as you have them
Thank-you from the RVDGA!

Come show with us in Southern Oregon!