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Rogue Valley Dairy Goat Association

DHIR Training & VT

DHIR Training & VT
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12 years on test!

Milk records are very important to a majority of our club members,  therefore many years we are able to host a DHIR - milk tester/supervisor training for those that are on milk test, would like to be, or are getting trained so that they may test for a friend or neighbor.   We are blessed to have several trained testers in our club,  but certainly the more the better!    Please watch this page for any scheduled trainings.
Scale calibrations are also done at these trainings, and usually milk sample vials are available as well.
Verification tests are required for some test plans, as well as any goats you are hoping will make a breedleader (top ten) record in milk, fat, or protein.     Sometimes we have a VT combined with a fair, and several members are allowed to Verification Test as well.  Just remember that there is a required rotation and it can't be someone that is testing you currently or recently.    Again,   watch this page for any local Verification Tests provided at events.
Blessings!  The RVDGA

a 16* (star/generation) star milker!

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